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Introduction of Truck and Bus Wheel Rims

As a sub-industry of the automobile industry, trucks and buses serve a wide range of industries such as passenger transportation, road transportation, engineering construction, energy, mining, forestry and construction, as well as national defense. They play a very important position and role in the national economy.

Automobile wheel rims are one of the important parts of trucks and buses.

The Automobile wheel rim is a rotating part bearing load between tires and an axle. The wheel disc is fixed on the axle through tire bolts to support tires.

The specification series of wheel rims comply with the China national standard GB / T3487-2005 and refer to the international standards ISO4000-2:2001 and ISO4209-2:2001.

According to the different materials used, rims can be divided into two categories: steel wheel rims and aluminum alloy wheel rims.

1. Steel wheel rims

At present, most rims are made of special steel, and steel rims occupy a dominant position in automobile rims.

The advantage of steel rims is low cost, but the disadvantage is that the manufacturing process determines that it is difficult to achieve diversification of structures and shapes.

According to different rim structures, steel rims can be divided into tubeless rims (one-piece plate rims) and tube steel rims (multi-piece rims).

1) Tubeless steel rims

As shown in Figure 1 below. Tubeless wheels are composed of a rim and adisc, and are manufactured using special steel plates through processes such as rounding, welding, and rolling.

Tubeless rims have good roundness, surface finish and sealing. It is mostly used in passenger cars and long-distance trucks.

Choosing the correct rim model needs to be based on the following parameters:

Wheel load, tire model matched, disc installation parameters (bolt hole number, bolt hole type, PCD, CBD) and offset.

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